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We’re studying fluvial and coastal sediment transport dynamics in diverse environments ranging from inland deltas to open continental shelves, at temperate and polar latitudes. We’re based in the Department of Marine Sciences in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our work involves tracking sediment fluxes and particle properties, and pairing these measurements with investigations of sediment deposition to understand the material evolution of coastal systems over human timescales.

Our latest projects include studies of sediment transport on the Beaufort Shelf north of Alaska, and measurements of sediment fluxes through low-gradient deltas and estuaries. The lab is presently growing and we are recruiting a graduate student for fall 2021. Our work is typically field-based and requires lab processing of sediments, time-series instrument data analyses, and an enthusiastic attitude toward complex field studies. Contact Dr. Eidam for more info (see People page). Please see the Research pages for information on current projects.










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