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We’re studying fluvial and coastal sediment transport dynamics in diverse environments ranging from inland deltas to open continental shelves, at temperate and polar latitudes. We’re based in the Department of Earth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences (formerly Department of Marine Sciences) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our work involves tracking sediment fluxes and particle properties, and pairing these measurements with investigations of sediment deposition to understand the material evolution of coastal systems over human timescales. Current projects include studies of sediment transport on the Beaufort Shelf in northern Alaska, sediment deposition and pathways in Coos Bay, Oregon, and a novel oceanographic sediment calibration using IceSat2 ATLAS data.


2021 lab group
Top (left to right): Josie, Zach, Emily, Tyler, Owen
Bottom: McKenzie, Daniela, John








Banner image from Sentinel Hub