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Coastal Evolution and Arctic Communities in the Context of Climate Change:
Interaction between Coastal and Riverine Processes and the Built Environment (NSF, Navigating the New Arctic)

Changing coastal and fluvial dynamics pose challenges to Arctic communities and the “built environment,” i.e., critical local infrastructure. As part of the NSF initiative for Navigating the New Arctic (NNA), we are collaborating with Nina Stark (Coastal & Marine Geotechnics, VT) and Kevin Franke (CEE and UAV lab, BYU) to help plan for new research at the intersection of Arctic environmental change and community infrastructure needs, with a focus on engagement and collaboration with local community residents and regional stakeholders. The focus of this work is a series of workshops and community conversations aimed at identifying infrastructure concerns, and planning for relevant scientific research that can be leveraged to help residents manage, mitigate, and plan for ongoing and future environmental changes (e.g., riverbank and coastal erosion, coastal flooding, and permafrost thaw).

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